Printable, Sustainable, and Customizable

Brava™ is home to the most customizable wall covering material on the market. All of our products are PVC-free, highly printable, and can be fully customized with various coatings and over 120 unique embossing patterns to create unforgettable texture.

With Brava™, your vision will come alive in every room.


Freshening up your space has never been easier! Our wall coverings are easy to apply and remove, making stylistic changes to your business’ branding simpler than ever. With unparalleled durability, and the ability to customize to your exact needs, there is no better option for your business than Brava™.


Restaurant Before & AfterRestaurant with Mural Printed on Fresco Wall Paper

Restaurants see a lot of traffic. Brava™ not only keeps your walls aligned with your personal branding, but its unmatched durability makes even the most hectic of environments stay perfectly in tact.


Office Lobby decorated with Fresco Wall CoveringsOffice Lobby decorated with Fresco Wall Coverings

Branded wall coverings have never been easier than with Brava™ products. Our easy to apply, easy to remove wall coverings help you keep your business and brand up to date.


Hotel Room featuring Fresco Wall CoveringsHotel Room featuring Fresco Wall Coverings

From the lobby to individual rooms, Brava™ can help keep your hotel fresh with our highly customizable wall coverings. Its printability makes it easy to follow trends, or keep a cohesive theme throughout.

Unmatched Customization Capabilities

Brava™ is the most customizable wall covering on the market. Whether you’re looking for interesting textures, unique coatings to help you stand out, or just outstanding printing capabilities to create one-of-a-kind artwork – Brava™ is the right choice for your design needs.


Embossed Fresco Wall Covering with a leather texture

We offer over 120 different embossing options featuring styles ranging from leather to geometric patterns. Brava™ provides a level of intrigue to your designs that no other wall covering can.


Fresco coated with a blue glitter coating

Our wall coverings are available in traditional matte, eggshell, and gloss finishes. Looking for something truly unique? Brava™ also has pearlescent, glitter, and metallic coating options.


Fresco boasts excellent printability

Designed specifically for any production setting, our materials can be slit to any width, and cut to the desired lengths your printing equipment requires. Brava™ accepts UV, latex, & laserjet printing.